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Power BI Report with Custom Maps.

Here is a description of the components in the Power BI report on Sales using Custom Maps with interactive slicers:

Sales Overview: This section provides a high-level overview of the sales data, including total revenue, cost, and profit.

Top 10 Products: This section lists the top 10 products by sales revenue.

Select Location: This slicer allows users to filter the data by location. The map will automatically update to reflect the selected location.

Revenue: This measure shows the total revenue for the selected location.

Cost: This measure shows the total cost for the selected location.

Profit: This measure shows the total profit for the selected location.

Top Customer in Selected Location: This slicer shows the top customer in the selected location.

Go to Analysis: This button takes users to a more detailed analysis of the sales data for the selected location.

This report is a great example of how Power BI can be used to visualize and analyze sales data. The custom maps and interactive slicers make it easy to see how sales are performing by location and product. This information can be used to make better business decisions, such as where to allocate marketing resources or which products to discontinue.

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