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National Science and Maths Quiz – League of Winners

National Science and Maths Quiz – League of Winners
National Science and Maths Quiz – League of Winners

The National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), an iconic fixture in Ghana's academic calendar, has once again showcased the intellectual prowess of the nation's youth. Instituted in 1993 by Primetime Limited, an education-centric advertising and PR agency, the quiz has evolved into an event that does more than test knowledge—it ignites passion, nurtures curiosity, and fosters healthy academic rivalry among the senior high schools in Ghana.

Purpose Beyond Competition

The primary objective of the NSMQ is not just competition. It endeavors to promote the study of sciences and mathematics, instilling in students a sharp, probing scientific mindset. It's about encouraging students to think quickly, to be curious, and to question the world around them. Over the years, it has successfully inculcated a culture of academic excellence, challenging students to push their boundaries and think beyond the conventional.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

For many Ghanaians, the term “Brilla”, coined from its original sponsor Unilever's "Brilliant Soap", evokes nostalgia. It's not just a quiz; it's an experience, a rite of passage for many who have walked the halls of the country's secondary schools. It's a testament to the unifying power of education, bringing together schools from every corner of Ghana.

A Deep Dive into Recent Performance:

Analyzing recent data gives us some remarkable insights:

Dominance on Display: PRESEC stands out as the institution with an unparalleled record, clinching 7 gold trophies.

Battle for Silver: OPOKU WARE leads the pack with 5 silver trophies, with ST. PETERS not far behind, having secured 4 silver trophies.

Bronze Tussle: ADISADEL have shown consistency bagging 3 bronze trophies.

Recent Supremacy: Over the last five years, PRESEC's dominance has been palpable with 4 final appearances bagging 2 trophies.

The Underdogs: ST. THOMAS AQUINAS and POPE JOHN, though having secured fewer trophies, showcase the diverse range of schools participating and competing fiercely.


The National Science and Maths Quiz is more than a competition. It's a celebration of Ghana's vibrant youth, their intelligence, and their potential. As we look forward to more years of intense competition, deep thinking, and groundbreaking solutions, we salute every student, teacher, and institution that has been a part of this incredible journey.

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