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Global Alcohol consumption in 2019 per capita

In 2019, the landscape of global alcohol consumption showcased distinct regional patterns, reflecting a myriad of cultural, social, and economic influences. The data provides a compelling snapshot, aggregating the total recorded alcohol per capita (15+) consumption across different world regions, measured in liters of pure alcohol.

Europe stood out as the region with the highest total consumption, amassing an impressive

411.44 liters. This figure underscores Europe's unique relationship with alcohol, where drinking is often deeply ingrained in social and cultural norms.

Following Europe, the Americas exhibited a significant total consumption of 204.76 liters. While lower than Europe, the number indicates a substantial level of alcohol use, possibly reflecting both recreational consumption and social gatherings.

Africa trailed closely behind the Americas with 150.71 liters. Although lower, this figure is noteworthy, especially given the diverse cultural attitudes towards alcohol across the continent.

The Western Pacific, home to countries like Australia and China, reported a total of 104.93 liters. This number is perhaps influenced by a blend of traditional and modern drinking practices.

South-East Asia, known for its rich cultural tapestry, had a markedly lower total consumption at

20.47 liters. Cultural and religious factors likely play a role in this lower rate.

Lastly, the Eastern Mediterranean region, which includes several countries where alcohol consumption is restricted due to religious beliefs, had the lowest total of


The data illuminates the complexities and variances in global alcohol consumption, offering valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and public health advocates. Understanding these regional nuances is crucial for implementing effective interventions and public health strategies.

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