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Ghana's Battle Against Cancer: Insights from the Latest 2022 Statistics

Meta Description: Explore the latest cancer statistics from Ghana, including incidence, mortality, and survival rates. Discover how the nation is combating the rising tide of cancer cases.

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Rising Cancer Cases in Ghana
Rising Cancer Cases in Ghana

Ghana is witnessing a challenging increase in cancer cases, as reflected in the recent data released by the Global Cancer Observatory for the year 2022. The country recorded 27,385 new cases of cancer with a mortality count of 17,944, underscoring the pressing health crisis cancer represents. This article delves into the specifics of these statistics, offering insights into what they mean for the Ghanaian healthcare system and the broader public health landscape.

New Cases Highlight Growing Concern

The total number of new cancer cases in Ghana shows a substantial health burden, with 11,398 cases reported in males and a significantly higher 15,987 cases in females. The age-standardized incidence rate stands at 120.4, indicating that when adjusted for the age distribution of the population, cancer is a leading health concern that requires immediate attention.

The Gender Disparity in Cancer

The statistics reveal a pronounced gender disparity. Females in Ghana face a higher age-standardized incidence rate of 135.2 compared to males, who have a rate of 106.2. This disparity is even more evident when looking at specific types of cancer. Breast cancer, with 5,026 new cases representing 31.4% of female cancer cases, tops the list for women, followed by cervix uteri and ovarian cancer. Men, on the other hand, are most affected by liver cancer, prostate cancer, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

Mortality Rates Point to Healthcare Challenges

The age-standardized mortality rate for cancer in Ghana stands at 82.6, with higher rates observed in females (87.8) than in males (77.6). These figures point to significant challenges within the healthcare system concerning early detection, access to treatment, and availability of cancer care services.

Leading Causes of Cancer Deaths

Liver cancer emerges as the leading cause of cancer deaths in Ghana, prevalent in both genders. For males, prostate cancer and NHL follow, while for females, the deaths are mostly due to breast cancer and cervix uteri. This highlights the need for targeted interventions in addressing these specific cancers.

The Prevalence of Cancer

Over five years, Ghana has reported 63,764 prevalent cancer cases, indicating the number of people living with cancer within the country. This prevalence rate suggests an ongoing struggle for many families and a continued strain on healthcare resources.

A Focus on Breast Cancer

A staggering insight from the data is the doubling of breast cancer cases from 2,000 to 4,000 within two years, with the peak age group being around 40 years. This alarming trend calls for enhanced breast cancer screening programs, public health education, and research into causative factors.

The Way Forward for Ghana

These statistics serve as a wake-up call for Ghana's health policymakers, medical professionals, and public health advocates. The need for robust cancer prevention strategies, improved access to diagnostic and treatment facilities, and the strengthening of patient support systems cannot be overstated.


Ghana's healthcare system is at a critical juncture as it faces the rising tide of cancer. The data from 2022 is not just numbers; it reflects real lives affected by this devastating disease. It's an urgent reminder for collective action – from ramping up national cancer programs to fostering global partnerships that aim at reducing the cancer burden in the country.

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Bernard Obeng Boateng

Lead Trainer

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